Melgeek Mojo 84 - Vaporwave
Melgeek Mojo 84 - Vaporwave
Melgeek Mojo 84 - Vaporwave
Melgeek Mojo 84 - Vaporwave

Melgeek Mojo 84 - Vaporwave

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Mojo84 features a Gasket Mount design that is combined with a built-in poron switch mat, poron foam, and silicone pad to deliver an elastic typing feel and a dampened typing sound. This advanced patented structure design reduces noise and creates a harmonious typing experience that is both comfortable and satisfying.

Ergonomic MDA Profile

Mojo84's original MDA, a profile keycap with bigger keycapsize designed to offer a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience that reduces strain on your hands and wrists, allowing you to work or play for longer without fatigue. Type with ease and focus on what matters most with Mojo84.

Efficiency Redefined

Support Wired &Wireless Connection
Mojo84 is the ultimate keyboard for multitasking enthusiasts who demand the best. Its tri-mode connection allows you to effortlessly switch between up to 8
Bluetooth devices, as well as 2.4G wireless and wired connections, all with just one press.

Rapid Responsiveness

Get lightning-fast performance with a polling rate of less than 1ms (1000Hz) on both 2.4G wireless and wired connections, ensuring seamless efficiency and productivity.The 2.4G connection connects instantly and boasts a robust anti-interference ability, providing uninterrupted and seamless productivity.

Productivity Booster - MelGeek Hive

With MelGeek Hive, you can fully customize your keyboard with ease, thanks to its user-friendly interface and full key customization. The possibilities with MelGeek Hive are endless, including modifying key-values, changing RGB-LED colors, setting shortcuts, checking keyboard status, upgrading firmware, changing keyboard layout, setting MACRO functions, and even testing your mouse.

Effortlessly Swap

Mojo84 is hot-swappable, allowing you to make switch swapping and upgrading effortlessly. With gold plating and anti-oxidation technology, the PCB ensures a longer lifespan, while allowing you to customize your keyboard without any soldering required.

Customizable RGB Lighting

Experience full customization with Mojo84's RGB 16 million colors backlighting. Every key has its own individual light, which can be customized using MelGeek Hive. With 8 different types of RGB lighting and the ability to set multiple colors and rhythms simultaneously, you can create a personalized lighting experience that matches your style and mood. Text

Pre-lubed Mechanical Switches

Opt for Kailh custom switches for high-quality, smooth and precise typing or gaming.



Brand : MelGeek

Model : Mojo84

Size : 75%

Number of Keys : 84Keys

Switch Stems : MX

Physical Layout : ANSI

Logical Layout : US QWERTY

Hotswap Sockets : Yes

N-key Rollover Support : Yes

Switch Mount Type : Plate

Plate Mount : Gasket

Firmware Compatibility : MelGeek Hive (KBTools can still be used, but we will no longer maintain it in the future)

Backlighting : 16-Million-Color RGB LED

Backlight Modes : 8

Compatibility : Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android


Typing Angle : 7 Degree

Weight : 1.75kg /3.85lb

Dimensions : 326.1mm*140.7mm*33.75mm

Case Height(without keycaps) : Front 19.9mm/ Rear 33.75mm


Frame : Plastic Frame

Keycap : ABS Double-shot

Keycap Profile : Original MDA

Switch Type : Factory Lubed Kailh Switches



Interface(s) : Bluetooth & 2.4G & Wired

Bluetooth Version : Bluetooth 5.1

Battery Capacity : 4000mAh

Wireless Working Time (Backlit off) : Up to 740 hours (Lab test result may vary by actual use)

2.4GHz Polling Rate : 1000Hz/1ms

Bluetooth 5.1 Polling Rate : 125Hz/8ms

Wired Polling Rate : 1000Hz/1ms

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