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You will need Switches and Keycaps to complete this keyboard

ONLY the "Ready to Use" option includes keycaps and switches.


For all our DIY enthusiast friends, LEOBOG has come up with its brand new keyboard kit that allows you to prepare a keyboard with your choice of components, introducing the all-new LEOBOG Hi75. The Hi75 is an all-aluminum kit with high-quality aluminum alloy as the material for the top and bottom covers. The keyboard kit is available in multiple color options produced with the help of the surface color spraying process. They have matching nameplates as well to enhance the looks of the kit.


LEOBOG Hi75 keyboard kit is launched in single-mode variant only(Wired USB Type-C). It has a compact 75% layout with a metallic volume control knob. There are two variants, the higher-end variant will come equipped with a single-key slotted PCB socket, south-facing RGB LED support, and a multi-layered sound-absorbing design with PORON Sandwich cotton foam pads. The basic variant of Hi75 features a single-layered PORON undershirt sound-absorbing pad and has no south-facing LED support. Other features such as elastic gasket design, PP slotted positioning plate, and Transparent PET bottom plate are the same on both variants.


Press and hold the knob to switch modes.
Working Mode: the knob RGB is always on, and the knob controls the volume at this time.
Game Mode: the button RGB will flash, and the knob controls the RGB brightness at this time.

75% Arrangement, 81-Key Layout
Some function keys of the complete keyboard are reserved, and the appearance is simple and compact. Both the appearance and the user experience are unique.

Full Key Hot-Swappable
All key positions can change the switch at will, different shaft bodies bring a different feel and key sounds, DIY belongs to your own keyboard. Compatible with most 3/5pin switches.

Gaming-Grade Chip Triggered Quickly
Support driver custom adjustment delay, and millisecond delay, and enjoy the fast experience of e-sports.

Ruby Clear Knob
Press the knob to switch the lighting effect, turn it left and right to adjust the brightness of the light, media volume and a series of operations to bring you a better experience.

GASKET Soft Elastic Structure
The positioning plate of the GASKET structure is not rigidly fixed by screws, and the upper and lower covers are tightly fitted structurally, and PORON gaskets are attached around it. A PORON sandwich cotton pad is also added inside the keyboard, and the space bar gap is also embedded, which effectively reduces the cavity sound and restores a better key sound.

Aluminium Alloy Material - Spraying Process
The case is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed.

Key Line Separation Design - Plug And Play
The kit part adopts a Type-C interface, and the computer end adopts a USB interface, which can be used after plugging in. Equipped with a spring data cable, the stretch can reach 1.8-2m.

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