Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone
Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone
Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone
Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone
Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone
Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone
Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone

Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone

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You will need Switches and Keycaps to complete this keyboard

All keycaps and switches in the images are NOT included


Keychron Q1V2 Knob Version - Barebone Kit

A fully customizable 75% layout mechanical keyboard packed with all premium features and unlimited possibilities. 

The Keychron Q1 V2 is an all-metal keyboard that allows customizable capabilities for every key switch, keycap, stabilizer, personal badge, and even the plate. It’s designed to fully personalize your experience and offer a more comfortable typing experience.

This keyboard is not just a tool, but a piece of art on your desk. The Q1 V2 is created with a 6063 aluminum CNC machined body, polished, anodized and sandblasted finish, and twenty-four manufacturing processes.


  • The hot-swappable sockets are mounted on the PCB, so you can install or change the switches without soldering. The PCB supports 5 pin MX mechanical switches.


  • The gasket design provides the board with a nice, flexible typing feel and a satisfying typing sound. 


  • The screw-in design increases stability and makes it easy for changes and upgrades. More precise craftsmanship makes the silver-plated stabilizers more stable and less wobbly. The big keys’ (space bar, shift, enter, delete) typing experience is more stable and smooth. 
  • Keychron Q2 also support third-party stabilizers including Cherry or Durock.


  • With full QMK and VIA support, you can program and remap each key on the keyboard with ease. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, and more. 
  • VIA is a keyboard keymap programming software. Using VIA, you can define every key and even write MACROS for the key combinations you want on your Q2. VIA supports macOS, Windows & Linux. 


  • Built with the Mac users’ experience in mind while still retaining compatibility for Windows devices, Keychron Q2 comes with a system toggle and an additional set of customized keycaps for both Windows and macOS systems. You will be able to save two different layouts in the keyboard, one for each system.


  • The south-facing RGB SMD LED lights are easy to be seen because they are facing toward the typer. It’s also good for the PBT, Cherry profile, and non-shine-through keycaps which are popular for customized keycaps.

    Please refer to the product images for a detailed list of everything the Keychron-Q2 Barebones kit includes. 


    WIDTH 145 MM
    Length 327.5 mm
    Front Height 22.6 mm  (without keycaps)
    Back Height 35.8 mm (without keycaps)
    Feet Height 2.4 mm
    Angle 5.2°
    Weight 1825 g ± 10 g (Fully Assembled version)
    Body Material Full CNC machined aluminum
    Plate Material Steel
    Polling Rate 1000 Hz
    MCU Ultra-low-power Arm Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 (128KB Flash)
    Backlight South-facing RGB LED
    Switch Gateron G Pro (Fully Assembled version)
    Hot-swappable Support Compatible with most of the 3 pin & 5 pin MX style mechanical switches such as Gateron, Cherry MX and Kailh, etc.
    Stabilizer Screw-in PCB stabilizer
    Connectivity Type-C
    Cable Type-C cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter

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