Kailh Box Switch

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Kailh Box Switch

Define Your Typing Experience

Combined with both Cherry MX form and Box design around the the cross stem, Kailh Box switches provide an easy transition to fit for any MX style keycaps that you want to customize and it will greatly reduces the wobbly and enhance your typing experience.

Aside from the Kailh Box regular switches, the Box Jade, Box Navy and Box Cream also join the family. The Box Jade and Box Navy, which requires over 50 gf operating force, brings intense and sturdy typing feel and the Box Cream, with its ultra-smooth travel combined with the box design , makes it a solid choice among linear fans who are looking for a seamless typing experience. 

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Switch Type Spring Weight Tactile Bump Actuation Force Travel Distance
Kailh BOX Black Linear 60gf None 55gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Navy Linear 67gf None 65gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Yellow Linear 50gf None 45gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX White Tactile 55gf Clear 50gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Brown Tactile 45gf Clear 40gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Navy Blue Tactile 65gf Clear 60gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Jade Clicky 50gf Very tactile 70gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Orange Clicky 60gf Very tactile 80gf 3.6mm
Kailh BOX Blue Clicky 55gf Clear 60gf 3.6mm

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