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DRY STUDIO was established in Tokyo by Angry Miao product designer Stan Fu, aiming to bring advanced niche designs at an approachable price. Black Diamond 75 is born out of the design team's passion for supercars and mechanical keyboards.

There are many good gaming keyboards and fine typing keyboards out there, but none of them strike an excellent balance. The Black Diamond 75 exactly does this, with a leaf spring mount, a 2.4G end-to-end wireless latency of 2ms and DRY STUDIO x Gateron co-developed esports switches. And combines that with a design inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado from MANSORY.



The Black Diamond 75 is inspired by the modified all-carbon Lamborghini Aventador - the MANSORY Carbonado - also known as the "Black Diamond". Its unique and fierce shape is what we aim to bring to your desk.

A custom shape and carbon fiber materials. We use hand-polished PMMA acrylic with increased hardness to expose the leaf spring mount underneath. The bottom cover is crafted from solid aluminum alloy, just like the rock-hard chassis of a supercar.

A wrist rest* is built-in for maximum typing comfort. No worrying about front height. And it looks as cool as the spoiler of a supercar.

*Carbon fiber with Carbon, aluminum alloy with Mithril.

Light up the headlights of your Lamborghini on your desk with 81 in-switch LEDs and 4 programmable RGB LEDs* in each corner.

The Black Diamond 75 features an advanced RGB lighting system powered by Angry Miao.

*Advance only.

The Black Diamond 75 supports 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.1 and wired connections. With a 2.4GHz private protocol from Angry Miao, Black Diamond 75 achieves an end-to-end 2.4G latency of less than 2ms*. Backed up by a large 5000mAh battery, Black Diamond 75 provides 60 days of battery life in 2.4G mode**.

*Tested in AM Lab with LED lighting disabled.

**With LEDs disabled, 8 hours of daily usage time and 16 hours of daily standby time.

Even more, Black Diamond 75 manages to achieve a 2000Hz scan rate and a 1000Hz polling rate under 2.4G. Exactly what a professional gamer needs.

Even for a gaming keyboard, we don't want to compromise on typing comfort. That's why Black Diamond 75 is the world's first gaming keyboard with leaf spring mount. Enjoy more flex with ultimate comfort.

We use different leaf springs for each of the two colorways.

Carbon uses high-strength stainless steel leaf springs for a stronger rebound, to provide you with maximum gaming stability during fierce gaming sessions.

Mithril uses phosphorous copper leaf springs for increased elasticity, providing you with a softer typing feel.

With a 1.6mm hotswap PCB, FR4 plate, IXPE switch pads, Poron foam and a thickened honeycomb silicone pad, Black Diamond 75 delivers an outstanding typing experience.

DRY STUDIO x Gateron co-developed custom esports switches "DR Rapid Ice" make their debut with the Black Diamond 75 Carbon*. These switches feature 1.0mm actuation travel for ultra-fast response, high precision and minimum vibration.

DR Rapid Ice uses high quality alloy contact points and has a lifespan of more than 80 million actuations. They are factory lubed for maximum consistency making them the ultimate choice for esports professionals.

With 40gf actuation force and 45gf bottom-out force, the DR Rapid Ice Switch is perfect for long gaming sessions when supported by the stainless steel leaf springs of Black Diamond 75 Carbon.

*Mithril Bundle uses KTT Wine Red Switches, for an ideal balance between gaming and daily use. Of course, you can also purchase DR Rapid Ice switches separately!

Double shot PBT keycaps included with both colorways. Comfortable to the touch.

Wireless charging* support is included, powered by Angry Miao. Perfect in combination with Angry Miao's CYBERMAT.

*Advance only.

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