Angry Miao Cyberboard Terminal - Keyboard Kit

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You will need Switches and Keycaps to complete this keyboard

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Angry Miao Cyberboard Terminal


A word from the creators

cyberboard terminal edition black polycarbonate

Inspired by Terminal

Terminal is one of the most classic entry points into the virtual world. Its black background with green characters has well-established itself as the go-to color scheme for coding prodigies.

Highly recognizable elements as seen in numerous sci-fi movies, such as the blinking underscore in command-line interfaces, the digital rain, and the black and green dynamic lighting effects, have been taken to the next level by people who love Terminal. 

By combining its LED panel and in-switch LED lighting, CYBERBOARD Terminal beautifully reproduces this retro-futuristic feel.


Custom polycarbonate material

cyberboard terminal edition black polycarbonate keyboard

CNC-processed polycarbonate material in a custom color.

Exclusively for CYBERBOARD Terminal, we custom-made semi-transparent black polycarbonate material that doesn't require painting. After mixing colors, the base material is directly sandblasted to achieve a delicate semi-transparent effect. This improved production processes so that it is not only more eco-friendly but also ensures higher stability and greater durability.

Digital Rain dynamic lighting effect

Digital Rain, which symbolizes the command line, flies across the LED panel like it's on an endless search for information. With a special afterimage effect visible with each keystroke, it gets as geeky as it can get.

cyberboard terminal edition


Mirror PVD Stainless Steel Weight Plate

Black reflective PVD stainless steel

Unlike metal, semi-transparent polycarbonate material brings an extremely cool RGB lighting effect experience. However, to achieve the same substantial feel as when using metal, a counterweight is required. 

We created a counterweight with a radical design for CYBERBOARD Terminal, with the weight plate being visible from the outside. Its mirror PVD stainless steel surface occupies most of the bottom area. Exposed reflective stainless steel forms a stark yet dazzling contrast with the matte PC material.


Gasket Mount

Advanced translucent Gasket Mount with integrated design, upgraded with PC material.

As our team is continuously experimenting to further polish the feel CYBERBOARD, we came up with a redesigned gasket structure. Implementing Gasket Mount into a polycarbonate material keyboard goes further than just ensuring a good typing experience. The materials and appearance on the inside should also be up to par.

Different from our previous iteration of Gasket Mount, a level 10 silicone hardness is used. The silicone is integrated with the plate through in-mold injection, which not only looks beautiful but also makes the keyboard sound less hollow and gives it a more solid feel.

The integrated plate and integrated silicone pads provide a more "consistent" internal structure. Gaps are less pronounced than in a conventional structure.

Exclusive keyboard case

Our keyboard case is pretty hardcore, but the black and white color scheme is not really consistent with the retro black and green colors of CYBERBOARD Terminal. That’s why we designed the case with a black and green color scheme, achieving that full hacker look.


Base Kit Includes:

  • Keyboard case
  • Keyboard plate
  • PCBs (USB PCB, hot-swap keyboard PCB, LED PCB)
  • Carrying box

Case info:

  • Mounting method: Gasket Top Mount
  • Weight: 2.5kg – Dimensions: 36x38x3.5cm
  • Case: Semi-transparent Black Polycarbonate
  • Machining: CNC
  • Weight: Black reflective PVD stainless steel
  • PCB: Hot-swappable
  • Layout: ANSI layout
  • Typing angle: 10°

Warranty: This product is covered for a 1-year period for non-artificial damage.

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