Angrymiao Cyberboard R4

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CYBERBOARD R4 by Angry Miao



Layout: 75%
Tenting Angle: 10°
CMF: CNC machined aluminum body
Mounting method: Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf-Spring Mount (18 typing combos)
Plate: POM plate
LEDs: LED panel with 200 LEDs (5*40), 81 in-switch RGB LEDs
PCB: 1.2mm hotswap PCB with cutouts and in-switch LEDs configurable via Angry Miao DIY site
Connection: Bluetooth / wired (USB Type-C, supports C to C)
Dimensions: 340.5*181*42.94mm (front height: 18.1mm)
Weight: Base Kit 2.65Kg, Bundle 2.90Kg
Battery: Lithium polymer 5000mAh *2, 10000mAh total (typical), supports wireless charging.

Start dispatching on Dec, 2023

What's new with R4?

  • Four new colors inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gangstar (grayish purple), Fluo Free (fluorescent green), Cloud White V2 (warm white) and Stone Face (concrete gray, limited edition).
  • Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount for adjustable flex and a total of 18 typing combos.
  • 2.4G hardware support so that we could add 2.4G connection support in the future.
  • Improved internals, including a new PET film, an IXPE 8 switch pad and Poron pads, making it the best sounding CYBERBOARD yet.
  • We plan to include our new Icy Silver Pro Switches in the Bundle.


The design of the CYBERBOARD is a 75% keyboard inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. With sharp lines and a CNC machined body, it represents a true hardcore spirit. For R4, we have four new colors, each inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The 10° tenting angle is the optimal combination between style and typing experience. Its 75% layout with separate F row and arrow keys makes CYBERBOARD a bliss to type on.

303816-1 303818-2
Gangstar was inspired by Giorno Giovanna, the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's fifth story, Golden Wind.

303820-3 303822-4
Fluo Free was inspired by Cujoh Jolyne, the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's sixth story, Stone Ocean.

303830-5 303824-6
Stone Face was inspired by Stone Masks (Ishi Kamen), who are powerful ancient artifacts featured in the first two parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency.

303826-7 303828-8
Cloud White V2 was inspired by Jotaro Kujo, the major protagonist of Stardust Crusaders and Diamond Is Unbreakable, and also appears in other stories.

Adjustable Leaf Spring


Inspired by coilover suspension seen on modified cars, CYBERBOARD now also features an adjustable leaf spring mount. The three-stange adjustable leaf spring mount allows you to modify keyboard flex for a total 18 different typing combos.

Two different types of leaf springs are provided with CYBERBOARD R4: phosphorus copper (for a softer typing feel) and stainless steel (for a harder typing feel). The leaf springs provide 3 stages of hardness adjustments, with respective adjustment levels of 3.5mm, 2mm and 0.5mm. To provide three different types of feel, PORON pads with different thicknesses are provided with the keyboard.


Aside from adjusting the 3 leaf spring gears from soft to hard, rebound stiffness can be adjusted by switching between the two different leaf-spring materials: phosphorus copper and stainless steel. In addition, conventional adjustment solutions, such as two sets of adjustment pads and an additional set of bottom pads, are also provided for mixing and matching. The firmest typing feel can be achieved through adding all the pads. Removing all the pads results in the softest feel and touch.

Custom LED panel


Unmissable on a CYBERBOARD, R4 includes the iconic LED panel with 200 LED beads, just like the previous generations of CYBERBOARD. You can download custom LED panel effects as well as create your own through




We chose 1.2mm 4-layer hotswap PCB with cutouts as this allows for a satisfying amount of flex when combined with the leaf springs. This PCB has in-switch LEDs, which can be customized through our DIY site and AM Master. The internals were upgraded internals for a better sounding keyboard. Futher upgrades include a PET film, an IXPE 8 switch pad and Poron pads. A POM plate with cutouts is used for a more elastic typing feel. To minimize vibration and hollow sound, we place Poron foam at the bottom.

Icy Silver Pro Switches


We plan to include Icy Silver Pro Switches with the CYBERBOARD R4 Bundle. We co-created this switch together with Tango. With Icy Silver Pro, we want to create a switch that is fully transparent and carries a thocky sound profile.

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